Year of the Sheep

Happy New Year!

Few Chinese Horoscope books contain overall prognostications for the year. In my large collection of these books, one of the few that does is the first edition of Theodora Lau’s The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, published in 1979. Unfortunately, in the later editions of this book, her overall predictions for each year have been removed.

To provide my friends with this interesting information, here is Ms. Lau’s overall forecast for the Year of the Sheep (also known as the Year of the Goat or Year of the Ram – they’re all the same character in Chinese), plus her predictions for how individuals will fare this year, given the animal that represents their birth year. (To determine what animal you are, see my table of animals for birth dates.)


The Year of the Sheep
February 19, 2015 – February 8, 2016

This is a smooth year following that of the energetic Horse. A year to relax and make peace with oneself as well as with others. Things progress slowly and we find ourselves more sentimental and emotion­al. The Sheep’s influence will draw us closer to home and our families. We find ourselves caring more about those close to us and being more liberal with our time and money.

Patron of the arts, the Sheep will bring out all the creativeness in our natures. We will be productive and imaginative in artistic and aesthetic ventures. The pessimistic vibrations cast by him will also make us oversensitive and fretful of little problems. In our undertak­ings, we may become easily discouraged or hypercritical when things are not to our liking.

On the world scene, things will be tranquil and subdued. Take time off to cater to your whims and fancies. Make new friends and travel; invest in art and antiques. But keep a tight hand on your purse string, too, as there could be repercussions caused by overspending.

Hopefully, the Sheep’s love of harmony and keen sense for coexist­ing with his enemies will preserve this year from many upheavals. The moderates and doves will be heard and heeded. Wars, internation­al conflicts and mutual animosities usually end in the year of the Sheep.

The serenity of the Sheep’s peaceful ways will slow things down a bit for the more intensely active signs, but after all, this is not a year for whirlwind activities – it is one for introspection.

How you will fare in the Year of the Sheep

Rat            The Rat’s finances make a recovery this year and there are some achieve­ments career‑wise. However, his plans cannot all be realized without encountering changes or some small upheaval. He will be able to discover and take advantage of previously unseen opportunities.

Ox          Not much progress can be expected this year although the Ox receives good news to boost his confidence. No illness or serious quarrels and his home life will be relatively peaceful. However, he should not be overoptimistic as he could lose some money he thought he has gained or lose something he cannot even talk about.

Tiger      A good year although the problems the Tiger encounters take up a lot of his time. Negotiations, bickering at home and tension at work keep him from relaxing, and he should take a vacation even if he cannot afford it. He could also lose some personal belongings but should otherwise count himself lucky, as there will be no serious disasters.

Rabbit    An excellent year for the Rabbit. Many wonderful achievements can be accomplished and his plans progress smoothly. A prosperous year for him but he must pay strict attention to details or he may have trouble later on about a settlement. No large problems at home or work.

Dragon    The Dragon can only expect moderate performance during the Sheep’s year for his financial ventures and career advancement. Some health problems, but his family life is quiet. No upheavals or unwelcome changes in his environment.

Snake     A protected year for the Snake. No great gains but neither are there any sizable losses to be expected. Life could be calm and leisurely if he takes advantage of this time to cultivate influential friends who will benefit him greatly later on. Some sad news or minor inconveniences at home.

Horse     A moderate year for the Horse. Changes in residence or a long trip are indicated. The good balances out the bad this year and no serious problems or worries affect him.

Sheep     A not‑so‑favorable year for the Sheep native. The year may start out bright and he could make a lot of plans or receive many invitations. Then problems and complications will pop up and his gains may be greatly diminished. A time in which he must trim his expectations and be practical.

Monkey  An involved and busy year. The Monkey finds it easy to make money but his profits will be reduced by unexpected expenses. He meets new and beneficial associates and will have to entertain or travel more than usual. Some minor health upset or unhappiness at home is indicated. A year to be secretive, as others may try to obtain classified information from him.

Rooster  A good, protected year for the Rooster. No upheavals indicated as he enjoys glad tidings, regains lost ground and sees some advancement in his career. Troubles may still abound but he is not directly affected. Life is quieter and more settled. He is able to relax or take a good vacation.

Dog        A moderate year for the Dog. Anxiety and worries beset him. He can prevent losses and resolve differences if he holds his tongue and refuses to lose his temper. A year for him to be patient and conservative.

Boar       A fair year for the Boar, as his financial position is at a standstill or loss. He will have no serious health problems or big upheavals. His gains will be in the form of knowledge, more professional training or career development. A time to plan for the future and seek out new opportunities to explore.