Year of the Dog

Happy New Year!

Few Chinese Horoscope books contain overall prognostications for the year. In my large collection of these books, one of the few that does is the first edition of Theodora Lau’s The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, published in 1979. Unfortunately, in the later editions of this book, her overall predictions for each year have been removed.

To provide my friends with this interesting information, here is Ms. Lau’s overall forecast for the Year of the Rooster, plus her predictions for how individuals will fare this year, given the animal that represents their birth year. (To determine what animal you are, see my table of animals for birth dates.)


February 16, 2018 – February 4, 2019 

Paradoxically the year of the Dog will bring happiness and dissent in the same boat. The Dog’s domestic auspices will bring harmony to home life, patriotism to one’s country and unwavering fealty to whatever cause you wish to support.

On the other hand, his rigid willpower and unbending sense of justice will also lead to major confrontations with the weaker side getting the upper hand. It is a year in which controversial issues will be awarded a hearing and unconventional but effective changes will be introduced. Equality and liberty will be advocated by the Dog’s noble influence.

We will become more idealistic in our views, shedding some materialism by doing charitable acts or otherwise championing some worthy projects. It is a year in which we will shift away from the pursuit of the almighty dollar and become a little more reflective. A perfect time to reassess our sense of values, polish up our virtues and go on crusades against tyranny and oppression.

In spite of the Dog’s dismal outlook, he brings stability because people do not usually dare to challenge his authority when they see how intent he is on keeping the peace. The year of the Metal Dog is more feared than others as he is said to bring war and calamity.

Needless to say, the Dog’s resoluteness and intensity will cause clashes, upheavals and rebellions of all sorts, but it will be his good sense and largesse that will also smooth things out in the end: His unselfishness will predispose us to be more bighearted than we normally are.

This will also be a year in which we will wish we could relax more without the cynical Dog constantly casting worries on our minds. Then again, perhaps it will be the Dog’s ever-watchful eye that will be the main force in keeping this time calm.

Aside from this feeling of uneasiness, there should be no cause for alarm. We can go about our business as usual since the Dog makes the perfect sentry.

The Dog’s year will lend integrity to our intentions and make us act in good faith. Nothing should concern us so long as we stick to the righteous path.

How you will fare in the Year of the Dog

Rat              A less pleasant year for the Rat native. Misfortunes will come in threes. He may receive bad news while traveling and be unable to influence or change the course of things he does not like. He worries too much this year as many unsettled issues occupy his mind. A time for him to be patient and prudent.

Ox              Although problems seem large this year, they will turn out to be less serious than they look. The Ox will have a fairly good time, as expected complications do not develop and his path is cleared of obstacles and opposition. He may have to suffer temporary separation from a loved one or his family. Forced traveling or entertaining is indicated.

Tiger        A year in which the Tiger is protected from serious danger. However, he will have to work hard for his success and will feel tired or lonely from having to toe the line. Still, luck favors him and he will be able to steer his plan through as influential people support him.

Rabbit      A smooth year foreseen for the Rabbit. He will make some gains and straighten out past problems. He finds time for recreation and will have no family troubles. Career-wise, he may be criticized by superiors or hampered in some way by other associates.

Dragon      A difficult year for the Dragon, as unexpected problems arise from nowhere and plans go awry. A time in which he must try his best to avoid confrontation with his enemies or those who do not agree with his views. He could relieve tension by changing his environment or dealing through trusted associates.

Snake        Good opportunities present themselves to the Snake. An excellent time to launch new ideas although he may have minor health problems or be the victim of a small robbery. A fine time for the Snake to travel or entertain.

Horse        A good year for the Horse academically. He could pass exams with honors or be given a job he has sought after. Important people will notice him. A lawsuit in the family or the departure of a loved one is indicated. No health problems or financial setbacks are foreseen.

Sheep        A distressing year for the Sheep as he has to deal with unhappy changes, debts, romantic problems or family troubles. Not a good time for him to travel or make investments or long-term commitments. He must retain an optimistic but very conservative outlook.

Monkey    A difficult year as the Monkey’s plans go awry and people break their promises to him. He may suffer losses in his investments and should not lend money to anyone. A year in which he will discover who his real friends are. Disappointments will make him realize where and how he went wrong.

Rooster    A good year for the Rooster as lost power or position can be restored. Travel or much entertaining is foreseen. His gains will be average but his losses are minimal. Plans are easily realized but his personal life may be clouded by home secret unhappiness or brooding.

Dog          A protected year. Problems and health upsets are few and the Dog will be able to increase his knowledge, spend time for study or meditation or regain lost credibility. He will have some achievements in his career but no large profits or return on investment.

Boar        A frustrating year likely for the aspirations of the Boar. He will be disappointed if he expects too much. Difficulties arise from many directions and could be the results of his past neglect, miscalculations or errors in judgment. He must be careful where he places his confidence and take criticism constructively.
From: The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau, First Edition, 1979